In support of the local school tax


Donald Zimring is a former LVUSD superintendent of schools.

If the children of our community represent our collective future, then the schools of our community represent the foundation on which that future will be built.

For over 50 years the Las Virgenes school system has been at the core of our community’s growth and success.

As a resident, parent and employee of LVUSD, I have seen firsthand the value that our community’s investment in local schools has returned to us all through the success of our graduates, the value of our homes and the pride we all take in the well-deserved reputation LVUSD enjoys within the state and country.

LVUSD has been and continues to be a model of “how to do it right.” Our district takes its fiduciary responsibility no less seriously than its educational responsibility. It has managed its resources well and is proactive in planning and development. Measure V, which will appear on our next ballot, is testimony to that.

The measure represents support for the next life cycle of our schools. With buildings in excess of 50 years in age, technology expanding and the need for increased security a sad reality, this is the time to take the prudent, practical and preventive steps that will allow all our campuses to meet the needs of the students who will attend for the next 500 years.

The timing is critical, as the funds from Measure V will enable the district to access competitive state matching-fund programs that will further increase the district’s buying power while reducing costs to the taxpayer.

Many of the planned improvements, including solar energy, will allow the district to operate more efficiently and economically, thereby saving money for educational programs in the years ahead.

As with all past bond measures, none of the funds may go to administration. The ballot language is explicit in its requirement for a citizen oversight committee and independent audits.

I urge you to vote yes on Measure V and continue our investment in the most valuable asset our community has: our children.

Donald Zimring
Westlake Village