Helping schools


There is an old real estate axiom that states; “Location, location, location.” It might have well been “Schools, schools, schools.”

Access to high-quality primary and secondary education is one of the biggest external drivers of local real estate value.

That is why supporting Measure V to improve the schools in the Las Virgenes Unified School District is a smart financial decision for all homeowners, whether they have children in the school system or not.

Multiple studies have shown that school quality can contribute 5% to 30% to the value of local residential real estate. The average LVUSD homeowner would only need to see a 3.7% increase in home value over the entire term of the bond to more than pay back their contribution. It is perhaps the best “home improvement” project they can invest in.

Many of the school facilities are relics of when the district was first established; letting them degenerate further makes no sense.

What does make sense is to raise the necessary bond funding, at historically low interest rates, invest it in school quality, and help drive up local real estate values.

Richard Hamilton